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App Development, IT Consultations &
World-Class Security Services

World-class IT services, Global Support, Security and software consultations & development. We’re here to help. 

What we do

Looking for global IT consultants, support staff, digital marketing professionals, software troubleshooting, security services, and much more.  


A reliable solution coming from software and IT experts with years of experience can go a long way.

Security Professionals

IT security is a huge concern and our team of trained security specialists help you resolve all your security issues and threats.

Software Troubleshooting

Want an experienced professional to offer expert advice and solve complex problems? Connect with us.

Security Services

Want to stay safe and prevent sensitive information from unwanted threats? Let us review your safety measures and offer solutions to safeguard you and your business information from online threats. Speak to our experienced & reliable security team member now.

Full-Cycle Development

From conceptualization to deployment and ongoing support, we offer a complete development lifecycle. Our team handles everything from requirement analysis, UI/UX design, coding, quality assurance, and testing to deployment and maintenance. Guaranteeing a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Manage & Clean Up

Don't have time to manually clean up your junk emails, temporary files, & unnecessary digital trash that hampers your speed and efficiency. Let our professionals have a look and offer a feasible affordable solution to manage it better. Contact us to know more.

Why Work With Us?

Finding online help or searching for a consultant who not only understands but offers a feasible resolution for all your problems can become a daunting task. That is why we’ve built a team of professionals who are trained in resolving all your software & digital issues while you continue to enjoy a stress-free daily routine. 

We Care, Listen & Understand

Most problems remain unresolved due to a missing diagnosis. We take all the time to listen to your primary problem and identify the real cause of failure or threat before strategizing an effective solution.

Most Efficient Solution

Speaking with our consultants helps you find the most effective solution to your problems. We offer multiple ways to achieve your desired results and let you select the most feasible solution.

Affordable Billing

Forget about paying hefty sums to fancy consultants and big brands. We take a lean approach to solving your problems and find an affordable solutions to all our IT needs.

Brands That Trust Us

Some Insights

Our team works 24/7 to solve your problems and resolve your queries. We consume insane amounts of coffee and ensure that every time you speak with us, we delight you with our humility, energy levels & willingness to help. 

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What peoples say about us

It’s always fun to know how our past customer rate us and what they say about us. 

“I was pleased to talk to David and he seems to resolve all my problems almost instantly. Have never used another service provider or consultant in past 4 years. Cheers to their team!"
Patricia M.
“Snugpot cubiq global team has been a complete lifesaver for me and my wife. We've been using their services for two years now and things have never been this smooth.”
Michael Clark
Business Owner
“I would highly recommend their services and kudos to their excellent customer support. I feel special every time I reach out them. Cheers!!”
Kent Milestone

We're Here When You Need Us

Reach out to our team and let us know how we can assist you. We thrive on helping individuals and small business owners solve all their software, IT security and digital needs.